Top 7 Best Water Heater In India (2020) | Buying Guide & Review

If you are searching on google to buy the best water heater in India, to overcome the cold this winter, you are in the right place.

In the winter season, It is extremely challenging to take morning showers with the cold water.

best water heater in India

Also, we feel lazy to take a bath when the water is cold. But, don’t worry in this season you do not face any issues like this. Just install a Geyser or a water heater in your bathroom and enjoy your bath.

In this article, you will find a complete list of some of the best water heater in India.

This water heater by Orient Electric comes with a powder-coated metal body which makes it long-lasting even after placing in the humid environment of the bathroom.

  • Rapid geyser for water heating, the output of 5.5 Litres per minute
  • It has both summer and winter mode.
  • Copper heat exchanger with tin plating.
  • Anti-Rust Powder-coated metal body.
1. Orient Electric - Geyser For Hot Water

This cool Techno-DX 5.5 litres geyser for hot water is fuelled with the gas cylinder. You can use LPG gas cylinders or when this water heater runs out of gas, you can easily replace the LPG gas cylinder and this heater starts working again.

Copper Heat Exchanger

This copper heat exchanger gives you 5.5 litres space for hot water per minute or even the copper heat exchanger works amazingly, which is fixed in this geyser for hot water so you will never wait for a hot water

Thermal Cut Out

This orient electric techno-DX is built with the thermal cut-off technology which turns off the gas inflow automatically, when the temperature goes above-standard limit, thereby securing the product and user safety which makes it best water heater in India

Talk about its safety lock features, this geyser for hot water keeps you and your child safe. With this safety lock feature, you can lock the geyser for water heating which also keeps an active check on accidental switch-on.

This geyser for hot water comes with the adjustable knobs which help you to adjust the gas flow according to your needs, water flow and temperature as per the season. These knobs help you get as perfectly hot water as you hope in your everyday life, round the year


  • The adjustable knobs help you to adjust the gas flow, water flow and temperature as per the season.
  • Summer-Winter Operation mode.
  • Best-in-class safety features.which keep you and your kids safe.


  • N\A

2. Bajaj – New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Geyser For Water Heating

Bajaj Electricals is one of the oldest companies that has been passionately working towards innovations that make your life easy. They build and deliver products which are right for customer Appliances, Fans, Lighting etc. They also have a strong command in premium home devices and cookware segments.

  • It gives you 10 litres of water capacity.
  • Magnesium anode for better protection from corrosion and damage.
  • High pressure opposes use in high-rise buildings.
  • The product has a 4-star BEE rating.
Bajaj - New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Geyser For Water Heating

The water heater can resist pressure up to 8.0 kg/cm2 with the help of 8-Bar pressure and is well suitable for high rise building.

A special inner tank coating which protects its body from corrosion and rusting and results in a long tank life.

Rust Proof External Body

The outer body of the heater is made with single weld sheet metal that stops rust and increases the life of geysers for water heating.

Energy Efficient

The energy-efficient Bajaj water heater storage is sufficient to fulfil your daily demands of hot water.

Its amazing feature safeguards you from any damage and accidents, the water heater has reliable multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and over-pressure.

The spin flow technology ensures 20% faster heating of water and saves energy at the same which makes it the best geyser in India.


  • Free Installation is provided by the Brand.
  • Sufficient for a family of 3-4 people.
  • Remain heat even after 12 hours, which saves your electricity.


  • Pipes are not included
  • 3 pin plug not included

3. Crompton – Rapid Instant Water Heater

Water heaters have become indivisible appliances from our bathrooms. Now, it is a basic accessory to our bathing. This instant water heater is tankless water heaters—that means it instantly heats water as it flows through the device, and does not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil.

Crompton water heater realizes, very well, the need for instant hot water for every consumer and hence they have come up with an unbelievable variety of instant water heaters that are energy-efficient, in compact designs that save space and can fit into every bathroom and decor.

  • High-Grade stainless steel tank to protect from corrosion.
  • ISI marked for added safety.
  • Advanced 4 level safety.
  • Powerful heating element.
  • Weldless tank for corrosion free long life.
  • A quick water heating system makes it useful for Kitchen.
Crompton - Rapid Instant Water Heater

It has amazing features like the high-grade Stainless Steel tank with a single weld line which reduces the chances of tank leakage thus providing longer life. Which also makes it the best water heater in India.

The water heater is suitable for high rise buildings With 6.5 bar pressure and can resist pressure up to 6.5 kg/cm2

LED Indicators

Crompton water heater has cool features like LED indicators for indicating Power On/ Off and heating while enabling ease of usage. This also protects the backflow of water from the tank and secures the heating element from dry heating damage.

Powerful Heating Element

Crompton water heater has 3000 W high power with the copper heating element, which ensures fast heating of water and provides hot water any time of the day. Its body is designed to add charm to your modern bathrooms, it mixes well with your bathroom interiors. This heater is smooth looking with a seamless body and without any visible screws.

To provide you with a continuous hot water supply, the Crompton Water Heater feet overheat safety system. Crompton gives you high precision Thermostat and pre-set Thermal cut-out, dual safety.


  • Anti – Siphon Protection.

  • LED indicators for indicating Power On/ Off.

  • Add elegance to your modern bathrooms.


  • N/A

4. AO Smith – Geyser For Water Heating

Every AO Smith water heater is one of a kind, Smart, energy-efficient. They’re the perfect balance of style and technology. Whether it’s the latest technology, stunning looks or a durable build, they well covered all the staff. They strongly believed that in the group of instant water heaters, you will find one you will love.

  • This water heater has 15 Litres storage capacity.
  • BEE gives it a 5 Star rating.
  • Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank.
  • 2X Corrosion Resistance.
AO Smith - Geyser For Water Heating

AO Smith water heater used 23% stronger and standard chrome steel or copper to form more durable tanks with Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology which protects the tank from twice the corrosion resistance compared to industry standards and increases the life of the tank which makes it the best water heater in India.

Energy-efficient PUF Injection Technology

The advanced PUF injection technology ensures regular and high-density foam distribution. It has zero gaps between the tank and insulation that ensures maximum energy efficiency and power savings.

Efficient Inlet Water Diffuser

Efficient Inlet Water Diffuser reveals the incoming water jet into smaller streams and changes water flow from vertical to horizontal directions.

A customised alloy that works even in several Water Conditions, protects the tank and component from corrosion. It also helps to set the hot water temperature and makes the heating element non-operational after the set temperature is reached.

Bits of help set the hot water temperature and make the heating element non-operational after the set temperature is reached.


  • High energy rating and it helps save money.
  • It has a Blue Diamond coated tank and convenient temperature settings.
  • Long-Lasting Anode Rod.


  • Paid installation through a brand.

  • Installation charges of INR 400.

5. Havells – Monza EC (5S) Best Water Heater In India

Give yourself a hot and refreshing shower in the morning by using this style water heater by Havells and get ready for the day.

Its amazing features like Fero-glass Technology and Incoloy Glass Coating component give extra durability for your use. It is compact enough to suit in any corner of your bathroom and supply you with on-demand predicament for your daily requirements.

  • Feroglas technology with a single weld line design makes it the best water heater in India.
  • Heavy-duty anode rod which protects the tank from corrosion.
  • Incoloy heating element
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB)
  • Water tubes with whirl flow technology
  • Star rated as per BEE standard make it best water heater in India
  • Ensure a high level of protection to electrical parts from water splashing.
  • Inner tank made from extra thick superior cold rolled steel.
Havells - Monza EC (5S) Best Water Heater In India

Havells Monza EC 5S geyser for water heating comes with a storage capacity of 10 litres so that you’ll receive constant predicament supply for your daily requirements.

The Monza EC 5S water heater by Havells has a mounting design and a complex colour combination that combines in easily with your bathroom colour scheme. Its design will surely complement your bathroom.

Whirl-Flow Technology

The water tubes are fitted with Whirl Flow Technology. It bypasses direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating and optimized energy-saving resulting in 20% more hot water output.

Adjustable Knob

This Water Heater is designed with an efficient and movable knob that allows you to set the desired temperature. The temperature settings range from 25 degrees C to 75 degrees.

The geyser for water heating comes alongside a Flexi Pipe which is formed of chrome steel and this makes it super durable and long-lasting. Because the pipe is steel braided, it’s suitable for both hot and cold purposes. The pipe has an 8 Bar working pressure.

The tank is formed from ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates which are built to last. The tank finish also features a Feroglass dry powder coating technology. The heavy-duty magnesium anode rod with steel core protects the enamelled tank from rust and corrosion.


  • 10 Liter Capacity

  • 8 Bar Pressure

  • Whirl Flow Technology

  • Performance is very good.

  • 3 Reheating is very fast.

  • 4 it’s more safety protection as compared to other brands.


  • The temperature control knob is white with a white arrow which is not discernable. The arrow should be of a different colour.

6. V-Guard – Victo (10L) Geyser For Water Heating – Best Water Heater In India.

V-Guard presented the all-new water heater. It comes with an elegant cylindrical shape with a suitable temperature control knob for easy temperature regulation. The inner tank is formed of high-quality steel with Glass lined Anti-Corrosive coating for durability.

  • 4 star rated from BEE – High energy efficiency
  • It has 25 litres storage capacity.
  • Elegant style with incredible performance.
V-Guard - Victo (10L) Geyser For Water Heating - Best Water Heater In India.

V-Guard water heater gives a complete installation accessory kit including inlet pipe, outlet pipe and expansion bolts as well as a product installation by the company authorized and trained staff.

Built to Last Long

The outer body of the v-guard water heater has been made of high-quality light steel with anti-corrosive powder coating making it last longer, even in a highly wet bathroom environment.

Further, its inner tank has been made of thick-standard steel using single-line welding technology with Superior Glass-Lined coating that safeguards it from corrosion and adverse effects of hard water.

Four Layered Safety System

They always care about our customers; therefore, They have incorporated a 4 layered safety system in Victo.

Its Hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut-out devices ensure accurate temperature regulation and avoid overheating by cutting-off the power at a set temperature and during special circumstances.

The multifunctional plug ensures optimum pressure control to safeguard your water heater due to any external/internal factors. The Magnesium sacrificial anode protects the inner tank from corrosion.

Caught in between too-hot and not-hot-enough? Mesh in a hot water experience just the way you would like. Here’s bringing you an easy-to-use temperature control knob installed on the front panel. It helps you control water temperature as per your choice, so nothing obstructs your bath time.


  • You need to wait for just 15min to get hot water.
  • Free Installation with Inlet and Outlet Pipes
  • Victo is out there in 3 different capacities: 10 L, 15 L, 25 L.


  • N\A

7. Candes – Geyser For Water Heating

Candes has provided a wide range of quality home appliances since 1990. Inspired by the lifestyle of today’s dynamic consumers, all products combine efficiency, technology and quality with unrivalled simple use.

Candes has constantly grown its product line, which today has become one of the most extensive, respected and likeable ranges of products in the market, backed by responsive & dedicated after-sales service.

At Candes we encourage creativity, openness and innovation. We enjoy acting as a bridge by providing elegant, also technically advanced appliances.

Continuing with our endeavour to supply the simplest to our customers, we present you a desirable collection of home appliances which will charm you with its simplicity of use, the durability of performance and value for money.

  • Candes water heater comes in 10, 15, 25 ltr
  • The Product is ISI Approved and 5 Star Rated.
  • It has styles of the unibody design.
  • Rust-free high impact-resistant thermoplastic body.
  • It has a tough and efficient heating element that heats the water quickly.
  • The Product has amazing features, an automatic control thermostat along with Thermal Cut-Out that enables automatic power cut-off after the desired heat level is achieved.
Candes - Geyser For Water Heating

The Storage Water Heater by Candes gives a solution for all your water heating purposes as it’s engineered to warm water in a flash. The aesthetically designed machine adds to the contrast of your modern bathrooms.

ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel

The outer body is built with ABS plastic and heat is contained inside the tank built with a stainless steel body making it so efficient that the performance multiplies to a larger extent.

Copper Heating Element

Engineered with a built-in coil which raises the water temperature, the heating element is built of high-quality copper which doesn’t wear out in the case of instant power cuts and voltage variation. The copper coil is durable and lasts for a long time.

The glass coating tank prevents rusting and makes the product abrasion-free. Adding to a lower maintenance cost, the high-quality coating makes the geyser long-lasting. The secure fluid flow is secured for your skin also.

The Candes geyser comes with a thermal cut-out feature that’s if the water temperature exceeds the very best pre-set level, the thermal cutout cuts off the facility supply to assure safety.


  • This best water heater in India comes with an installation kit.
  • Automatic power cut-off feature
  • Highly Precise thermostat control
  • Heat retention Technology


  • That Geyser is not suitable for High rise buildings and hard water.

Buying Guide – Best Water Heater In India

A water heater is one of the basic electrical appliances for every house. It is always difficult during the winter season to take a morning shower. In India, we generally used to get hot water either by the gas, stove or some kind of immersion rod.

These methods are not only out-dated but also take a huge time. Water heater/Geyser helps us with these problems and provides us with hot water instantly. 

Choosing the best water heater in India is not a big deal if you are going for the brands which are well- known for quality and services.

There is so much competition between these brands, which makes it a little bit difficult to choose one.

Types of the best water heater in India

  • Instant water heater

  • Storage water heater

Instant Water Heater

Which water heater is best for you depends on the amount you need. if you use a bucket to bathe, then you must go for an instant water heater, but if you do a shower bath, then you need a storage water heater.

Instant water heater

However, shower bath is better than a bucket because freshwater regularly flows on your body which makes it easy for you to remove dirt from your body. It is also more hygienic.

If we talk about its advantages the instant water heater is slightly different; they are usually small in size and have a compact design. They offer higher wattage than storage heaters to deliver properly hot water instantly.

If they take high wattage, it doesn’t mean that they are not energy efficient. Even some instant water heaters have an automatic system which turns on and off in order to maintain the temperature of the water. they spend their energy once to heat water.

The storage water heater

These types of water heaters are generally known for the consumption of large quantities of water. they come with water storage tanks with different holding capacities. now it all depends on you whether you need 25 litres, 15 litres or 10 litres.

These are dynamic convection of heating appliances. The energy in storage elements during the periods of the day or when charges per unit are quite low compared to the time when they are high.

So, as per your requirement, they release the heat during on-peak rate periods. This is the mechanism that makes it cost-effective.

The best water heater in India which stores the hot water according to its capacity. So if we talk about a 25-litre storage water heater it can store up to 25 liters of hot water at a time.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Which geyser is best for a bathroom?

Storage water heaters are greater in size. They have more ability to store hot water for a long time. Also, they are more suitable for families which have 8+ members in their house.

On the other hand, Instant water heaters have a limited capacity in the tank. Rather of storing hot water, they quickly provide a continuous supply of hot water. That is the reason people mostly used it is a favoured choice.

Now, which geyser is best? 

No space limitations: As compared to the storage, instant water heaters are small in size; so they do not contain too much space in the bathroom.

Energy efficiency: As research says, Instant water heaters occupy less electricity and help you save money on the electricity bill.

Instant hot water supply: The best part about the instant water heater is that you could not wait for hot water to drain in. It reduces the everyday struggle to get hot water in the morning.

2. Which geyser is best: tankless or with-tank?

If you are living with your family or there are 8+ members in a home and the hot water is constantly used I would still suggest you go tankless. You aren’t only saving much on efficiency (since the coil is constantly working anyway to supply the constant water demand) BUT, the hot water will not run out like a tank will.

3. Why should we switch off the geyser when not in use?

If you believe that the thermostat controls the temperature at the desired level that’s wrong. Its function is to keep working the electricity supply after heating the water to the set desired temperature. Some automatically switch off the supply, thereby saving electricity. 

However, the water cools down if left available in the storage tank or If you neglect to switch off the geyser, the thermostat will restart the electricity supply if the water temperature dips below the set temperature. It can result in the consumption of useless electricity.

4. Can water heaters give electric shocks while bathing?

Firstly, I suggest you have a proper earthing in the house for all electrical equipment. Secondly, you should call an expert technician to install the water heaters.

If your water is not to install properly, the electric current does not get isolated from the water. It can flow through the water heater body or even in water which causes electric shocks.

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